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Doorway To Eros 

This is a true account—a “memoir” of a very special woman who asked if I would consider documenting a short period in her life—that time when she became whole. Upon reading the many emails, online chats, and her diary of that period in her life, I felt a deep admiration for her conflict and struggle, as well as the wholeness and happiness she found. The exactness of this novel/memoir is due to that detailed documentation, and I was honored to produce her story.

At age fifty, having raised her children, Hannah Fleming, vibrant with life, found herself wondering what being truly happy and fulfilled means, only to realize she was neither. Though she was married to a handsome, prominent, and successful man who loved her and was good to her, he could not, or would not, give her the two things she needed most—emotional and physical closeness. She struggled to show him the beauty of intimacy of mind and body, to no avail, for his barrier to sharing was too strong an obstacle.

Hannah felt she deserved to be whole, too, she believed that marriage and fulfillment were not an either/or situation, and divorce should not be a requirement for sexual wholeness if not owned in marriage. She meets Hayden Durant and discovers the emotional and sexual women previously held captive within.

Hannah insisted that her story be as exact as words would allow, necessitating the graphic erotic detail, for it is this very detail that she wishes to relive in its reading. Only places, names, and circumstances are changed. Though this novel is decidedly sexually explicit, it is the very real-life journey of one woman who finally found emotional and erotic fulfillment. Hannah asks that no reader be offended, but instead understand the importance of her finding, and in doing so, better understand your own passion for life, love, and erotic sharing.

I fully understand Hannah’s wishes, and I hope in reading this novel, you will as well. I only wish you could know the real Hannah as I have. Just know she is a wondrous, deep feeling woman, and that I was honored to share so intimately with her in the writing of this special part of her life. You too will know of that intimate feeling in the reading of her truth.

Thank you again.

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  Hannah and I wish you love — Kimberly Hartley


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